Edward Livingston Robertson III

Sculptor, American, Born 1978


Born in Wellesley, MA in 1978, Robertson was encouraged to pursue his passions from a young age. The son of a banker and musician, Robertson was inspired by the balance of practical and artistic. This open meld of knowledge encouraged his rapid development in mathematics, spatial relations, and creative concept integration.

Robertson started his exploration of materials at the age of 16, welding his first pieces and learning how materials communicated with one another. Steel was the first focus, and with all the patinas available, there was an endless discovery process. Most pieces were an abstract, cubist, and gestural mix.

Robertson’s next period focuses on mechanical integration and kinetic properties of materials. Just as people hope to achieve greatness, he believes that materials have that same strife. Mainly through found materials, Robertson puts direction and purpose into materials, breathing the divine into the mundane.

Robertson worked with artists in Central America to cultivate depth in his work. He learned new techniques for casting and heat manipulated metals.

Much of Robertson’s current work stretches the properties of materials through kinetic, electric, and molecular properties.

Art and science are digested separately; Robertson brings these worlds together with beauty.